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Student View: Lanzarote Sports Trip 2024

Below is a student view from Olivia J in Year 10 who went to Lanzarote during the May half term holidays.

Sun, Sport and Smiles!

We began the week off by running the pole vault through the airport, losing a boarding pass and a well deserved buffet dinner, preparing ourselves for the week of training ahead.

For our intense training sessions, we were split into training groups led by Mr Birkett, Mr Conway, Miss Tucker and Miss Clarke. During training we would work on our sprinting ability - for example pulling against the resistance of a theraband whilst sprinting, different track and field events, a brutal endurance session consisting of a distance pyramid, and even our core strength with the TRX exercises. After the heat during the training sessions, jumping in the pool (sometimes fully clothed) was our instant relief.

Highlights of the week included, a (competitive) beach volleyball tournament, the plonker points - mostly Zach, Oscar showing off his skills on the diving board, Liv face-planting off a slackline, mini golf tournament, most people getting sunburnt, watching the football in the Sports Bar, finding a new love for padel and even the teachers getting involved in the football tournament.

To top off a fantastic week, the pentathlon began in full swing! The teachers organised us into teams named; Tuckers Tornadoes, Birketts Burners, Conway's Conquerors and the winning team of Clarkes Crusaders. The pentathlon was made up of each team member completing high jump, long jump, shot put, 100m and an 800m. Everyone took part and became invested in the competition, there was a great atmosphere at the track, with everyone supporting and encouraging each other to do their best. The final standings were 4th place- Tuckers Tornadoes, 3rd place- Birketts Blazers, 2nd place - Conway's Conquerors and Clarkes Crusaders in 1st place!! Awards for top athletes of the week were awarded to Oscar and Martha.

All in all, a fabulous week, with some much fitter and sun burnt athletes returning home!


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