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Year 7 Field Trip to Kew Gardens

On 14th June, 235 students and 24 staff visited Kew Gardens on the Geography field trip. The trip links to the current scheme of work ‘Tourism and the Travel Show’ and the first scheme of work in Year 8,  ‘Ecosystems of the Earth. The students looked at why tourists are attracted to Kew Gardens and the impact that tourists have (both positive and negative) on the botanical gardens. Looking at tourist management, they undertook fieldwork techniques whilst at Kew to collect data on this subject. They also looked at the adaptations and variety of organisms in the gardens. Surveys were conducted in the Princess of Wales Conservatory and in the Palm House to find out more about where different plants and animals originate from and the adaptations they have to allow them to survive successfully in their environment. Among the favourite attractions were ‘The Hive’ where lights and sounds are generated by the movement of bees and the treetop walkway which stands at an impressive 18m high. The trip was enjoyed by students and staff and it was fantastic to see so many students conducting fieldwork in such a diverse and interesting setting.




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